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Shiny locks for life

Three top UK hairstylists share tips for youthful, healthy hair.

Ice Pixie

“A blonde pixie?! Yes please! I love when clients want to get creative and try new things with their hair. Briana has beautiful rich brown level 4 hair that I knew needed the lifting power of Blonde Life®. Blonde Life Lightening Powder would be the right product to achieve the desired results while maintaining the [...]

Platinum Rain

“Being able to trust your product’s performance is so important. Whether I’m working behind the chair or on stage, I know I can count on Blonde Life Lightening Powder to provide the lifting power to take hair from dark to light in one session, plus deliver healthy-looking results.” – Gina Bianca COLOR FORMULASClient: Ran has [...]

Honeycomb Blonde Curls

“Taking Deja’s hair from black to a luscious honeycomb tone took lots of planning beforehand. I first did a strand test because, during our consultation, it was revealed she had box black color on her hair. I utilized bigger sectioning to speed through her application process and decided to keep her bright and blonde by toning her a honey-beige hue. Using Blonde Life Lightening Powder helped me achieve the lift I wanted while maintaining the strength and shine of the hair.”

Seaside Blonde

“when I first met Allie, I really considered her lifestyle, the condition of her hair, and her goals for going blonde. Considering how much hair she had and how light she wanted to be, I knew my only answer to maintain the integrity of the hair while lifting was to use JOICO Blonde Life. After [...]

15-Point Joi Journey For Career Success

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. What do these catchphrases have in common? They all tout the power of positivity. And no one spreads the message better than renowned pro, Winn Claybaugh, author of Be Nice (Or Else!). Founder and co-owner of hair-care giant Paul Mitchell’s [...]

The Covid Color-Correction Handbook With Larisa Love

REALLY BAD BOX COLOR The Problem: The shade is way off; hair is damaged; and there’s no true way to know what all your client has done to her hair. The Rescue: Think outside the box. A thorough consultation is key when taking your client from a box-correction back to healthy, vibrant hair – and chances are, [...]


“We can stay in one place and be paralyzed, or we can use this time to restructure, plan, strategize and come out thriving, ready to conquer our dreams.” “Digital media is a huge part of the world, as we speak. What we know for sure is that everyone is either watching Netflix, browsing online, or [...]

Tawny babylights

A scattering of sunny highlights can enliven your look. Keep things sophisticated, not streaky, by making sure the highlights are ultra-fine (babylights) and placed evenly throughout the entire head.

The guide to going (just a little) short

For the commitment-phobe, bangs are a win-win, as they conjure up a mega change without sacrificing precious length. (Remember that scene in Legally Blonde? “ELLE! I GOT BANGS!!!!”) And, according to Richard Mannah, holidays are prime time to accessorize with this simple scissoring tweak. Some things to think about…. The fringe that looks awesome on [...]

Talking silver with Larisa Love

OK, WE GET GOING LIGHTER IN SUMMER. EXPLAIN THIS LOOK FOR THE “COOLER” MONTHS: “I was actually inspired by fall and it being a season of change. Instead of going darker — as many people do — we went against that fad and instead went for silver…like the snow!” GIVE US THE BACKSTORY ON YOUR [...]

Sunshine blonde

Lisa Satorn, Senior Stylist at 901 Salon, created this look Sunshine Blonde. Her inspiration was “island vibes”. Lisa said, “She has beautiful thick naturally long hair that loves to live in a less is more place. Also, the color placement was for grey blending.” Products Used LumiShine Demi Permanent Liquid K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo K-Pak [...]