FAQ JOICO Deep Dive Demo & Webinar

I’ve never joined a JOICO Deep Dive Demo or Webinar before - Q&A

First of all, we’re happy that you’re (thinking about) joining! We have some great education on our agenda so if you want to learn, be inspired, and educated you’ve come to the right place.  If you still have questions after reading the Q&A, don’t hesitate to contact our education coordinator.

What’s the difference between a Deep Dive Demo & Webinar?

A Deep Dive Demo is an online training with a member of the JOICO European (Color) Design Team for a select group of people that signed up. The guest artist will give a live demonstration on a mannequin head, show you various techniques in coloring, cutting, and/or styling, talk about the products they use, and give you exclusive tips & tricks. You’re welcome to ask them questions during this demonstration via the chat function.

A Webinar is an online training hosted by one of the educators from the JOICO Education Team.
For example, the Blonde Masterclass or Gray Masterclass on the agenda. On some occasions, European (Color) Design Team members are invited to participate. The main focus during these webinars is theoretical and technical information on products and usage. They also include interesting tips and tricks. You are able to ask your questions via the chat function.

How do I join?

Once  you have registered for a Deep Dive Demo or Webinar, you’ll receive a personal link via email to join Open the link on the given date and time and you’re in! Our Deep Dive Demos & Webinars are hosted on  the app Microsoft Teams.

I’ve never worked with TEAMS, is it difficult?

Not at all! Even if you’re not ‘good with computers/apps’, you can easily join in. There are 2 steps:

  1. Register so we can send you the link.
  2. Download the Microsoft Teams app (free and easy to use. Available for laptop, tablet, and phone). Once you have the app, you don’t need to create an account.

For a step-by-step explanation, including print screens on what you will see once you open a link, click here!

I want to join, but will I be visible?

No, you don’t need to turn on your camera or sound. Just sit back, take notes and be inspired! 😊

Is my name visible?

When you open the link to join, you are asked to fill in a name. This name is visible only to the people in the training.

Do I need to interact?

No, you are not obliged to interact. You are welcome to ask a question by using the chat. But if you don’t want to, that’s fine too!

Which language will the trainings be in?

Our Deep Dive Demos and Webinars are all in English.

When will I receive the link?

One week and one day before the training, the link will be sent to you via mail. Please check your spam as it might end up there. If you’ve signed up and a day before the training you have not received any link, please contact marjolein.vanwetten@henkel.com

Can I watch the webinar at a later stage?

No, unfortunately, we can’t share the Webinar or Deep Dive Demo due to GDPR. Is this the case?

I’ve signed up but I’m not able to attend, what now?

When you register for a Deep Dive Demo or Webinar, we are counting on your participation. If so some reason you are not able to attend, please email our education coordinator: marjolein.vanwetten@henkel.com.