“We passionately believe in the power of Education to help professionals stand out from the crowd making a difference in delivering a full-service top experience to their customers.
Knowledge increases confidence and maximizes the skill-set which paves the path to a powerful business.
We aim to be the best tour guide on your way to self-development and success and next to an unforgettable learning experience we offer 360° education support for every stage of the haircare business.”

It’s a bold vision; supported by our following convictions:

☑ Together we are strong! Sharing is caring.

☑ The best can "Never stop learning"!

☑ Interactive, visual and JOIful training methods contribute to an overall unforgettable experience.

☑ Learning by doing and leading by example is key!

☑ It's all about networking and growing our professional family.

Pro Education

Exciting, accessible, 24/7 learning is the cornerstone of this educational platform. Featuring all our trainings, online classes & more to come soon. JOICO delivers the ultimate global classroom.


Catch the very latest in free education with our comprehensive “catalogue” of the hottest tutorials. You’ll have access to a wide-range of learning – think leading salon education about all JOICO products, new formulas & trendsetting techniques. Always available, and always right at your fingertips.


 With great JOI we aim to contribute to the personal growth and development of all professionals, and we strive to make people feel at home in our classes. As part of our JOICO family you will always leave with a feeling of JOI and fulfillment.

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By signing up for one of our education classes, you’re doing more than just attending a training – you’re investing in your future, and your business.

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Did you miss our digital hair festival? Or perhaps you simply want to dive deeper into all the tips and tricks. The good news is that we have saved our insightful & inspiring pre-recorded webinars so you can catch up from the comfort of your couch. EnJOI!


You will find all the answers to your questions about joining one of our online trainings here.


The place to be to get more success through knowledge

JOICO, your partner in professional haircare, knows the importance of expert-led education and hands-on training. From detailed product knowledge to cutting, coloring and hands-on styling, our training programs will give you everything you need to use, sell and enjoi the award-winning collection from JOICO.

By signing up for one of our education classes in our state-of-the-art Training Academy situated in Helmond, the Netherlands, you’re doing more than just attending a training – you’re investing in your future, and your business.

Simply choose the program that’s right for you, and apply today.
JOI-N us at our JOICO Experience Center, on a journey to the look of tomorrow…


Meet the driving force behind JOICO Education.

We are a JOIful team of professional JOICO trainers and artists traveling mainly around Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a beautiful international Training Academy situated in the Netherlands (Helmond), our JOICO Experience Center.