The Covid Color-Correction Handbook With Larisa Love


The Problem: The shade is way off; hair is damaged; and there’s no true way to know what all your client has done to her hair.
The Rescue: Think outside the box.

  • A thorough consultation is key when taking your client from a box-correction back to healthy, vibrant hair – and chances are, this is not going to be a one-appointment deal. Break down the process and be honest about how many sessions will accomplish the goal.
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  • Immediately focus on hair health, strength, and rebuilding broken bonds by starting the color-correction with JOICO Defy Damage ProSeries 1 Bond-Protecting Color Optimizer Spray, followed up after color with Defy Damage ProSeries 2 Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment. Explain to your client that hair will become 5X stronger with 90% more color vibrancy – they’ll see the difference immediately.


The Problem: Gray strands may have been creeping in before Covid, but now your client’s percentage of gray is markedly pronounced. 
The Rescue: Turn back the clock. 

  • Reach for LumiShine YouthLock, JOICO’s first collagen-infused permanent crème color, designed to harness the fountain of youth with shiny, strengthened, restored hair. This innovative formula offers 100% gray coverage, next-level shine, and a complete healthy-hair protection plan.


The Problem: Lack of professional conditioning treatments coupled with infrequent (or zero) trims and home coloring have left strands dry and damaged. 
The Rescue:  Cut, color, and home care. 

  • Trim hair, then tone with JOICO LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color, containing Bond-Building Argiplex Technology–breakthrough technology that transforms hair inside and out with 2X the shine and 100% restrengthening power. 
  • Send fine-to-medium-hair clients home with the JOICO HydraSplash collection, designed to revive parched strands with the next wave in hydration. The light-as-air products shower hair with moisture, but never get heavy on you. 


The Problem: Self-colored vivid tones are not only growing out; but the client wants a new, more cohesive look. 
The Rescue:Adding protection and hydration before you erase color. 

  • Use JOICO Color Eraser with 20 volume for 20 minutes to remove the excess Intensity color. 
  • Shampoo and apply Defy Damage ProSeries 2 Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment for 2 – 5 minutes. Then rinse, dry, and continue on to a full color-correction. 


The Problem: Over the months, highlights have grown out, leaving a demarcation of regrowth visible.
The Rescue: A low-maintenance touch-up. 

  • Start the color-correction with JOICO Defy Damage ProSeries 1 Bond-Protecting Color Optimizer Spray, followed up after color with Defy Damage ProSeries 2 Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment. Your client’s hair will become 5X stronger with 90% more color vibrancy – and the results will be visible on the spot. 
  • Bring up their highlights with JOICO Blonde Life Lightening Powder. 
  • Leave out pieces of regrowth and some natural base to create dimension and a low-maintenance feel.