The JOI of youthful-looking hair

How to establish a routine for aging hair with Katrina Kelly,
Creative Color Artist Team member.

I recommend the new JOICO YouthLock collectionit’s incredible!
The collection is made up of 4 products – a shampoo, conditioner,
masque and blowout
crème – that work together to transform hair and tackle problems I regularly encounter with my mature clients in the salon. The collection is formulated with collagen which helps to sustain youthful bounce, shine and manageability.

Here are my top two tips:  

Tip 1 - Use a masque

I advise using a masque every week – or every 2nd week (depending on your hair type, texture or condition). This will instantly revitalize the hair, adding nutrients and nourishment to bring life back to aging locks.

Tip 2 - Use a blowout crème

Always protect your hair when blow-drying with a crème – YouthLock Blowout Crème provides a shield to protect mature hair from breakage, hair fall (during brushing), humidity, and even frizz. Blowouts also make hair look like they have more volume and oomph. Apply a small amount to the hands and evenly throughout the hair – do not apply too much to the roots and rather work with the mid-lengths and ends. When drying, focus the heat on the roots and lift the hair.