Aging hair happens – here’s what you can do about it!

Hair aging can look different for everyone. JOICO EMEA Senior Creative Artist Team member Gill Berry is ready to break down how to prevent it and her favorite anti-aging hair products.

Signs of hair aging

As your hair ages, you are likely to notice telltale signs – hair that is dryer, dull, or even brittle. Other common signs are thinning, lack of volume and more grays popping up as your hair begins to lose its natural pigment. Many also notice their hair becomes coarse – a different texture compared to earlier years. On average, a single hair lives for up to six years. Each strand of hair is comprised of a protein called ‘keratin’ and is surrounded by an outer layer of tiny scales that are known as the ‘cuticle’ of your hair. As you age, the cuticle of your hair can become raised which can lead to dry, thirsty locks and unruly hair that frizzes easily.

How to care for aging hair

There are a few things you can do to reduce the appearance of aging hair. Begin with treating your hair with extra TLC when washing and styling. You should also make sure you are using the right products that care for aging hair and will help to replenish lacking vitamins. The new JOICO YouthLock range is formulated with collagen and is one of my favorites for aging hair. The Treatment Masque and Blowout Crème are my go-to duo to reveal gorgeous, smooth hair. Finish with a spritz of JOICO Humidity Blocker + for instant frizz reduction.