4 things you’re doing that’s killing your hair

You keep putting your hair in the hot seat

Woman Curling Hair With Curling Iron

Sure, the ability to achieve silky-smooth hair with a flat iron is invaluable. And really…is there any better way to get gorgeous beachy waves than to take a turn with your curling wand? But here’s the straight scoop: “Those irons go up to 450 degrees, which is the temperature pizza is cooked at! When you look at it that way, it sort of puts things in perspective.” Translation: A pizza is designed to get nice and crispy. Your hair is not.

The Fix: We don’t expect you to ban the heat stylers…but we do expect you to guard those vulnerable strands from the proverbial oven with something powerfully protective.

The solution: brand NEW Defy Damage Protective Shield

defy damage shield bottle

A brilliantly engineered pre-styling product that not only fortifies hair inside and out, and immediately shields against the hot temps, but includes a delivery system that keeps streaming those ingredients day after day.

“Defy Damage – the entire line, including Protective Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque — is life changing for both the stylist and client. It’s broken so many barriers in terms of lifting hair health and building its integrity,” explains Zoe.

You towel dry the heck out of your wet hair

Beautiful Girl Towel Drying Wet Hair

While you think you’re speeding things up, what you’re really doing is shattering the hair’s cuticle, causing strands to fray and break,” explains Zoe.

The Fix: Blot – don’t rub – hair dry.

(Good visual cue: If you wouldn’t do it to a fragile baby, don’t do it to yourself.)

A bonus here: Chilling out on all that rubbing and tugging reduces tangles; but if you also apply a few spritzes of Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, you’ll get the comb-glide of a lifetime.

You misuse your styling products

K-PAK Color Therapy Oil and Blonde Life Oil Bottles

“K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil has been by my side for years and always will be,” says Zoe. “It’s in my purse, the center console of my car, in every room in my house. I can’t live without the stuff. Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil is another great option if you’re looking to brighten blonde while nourishing and protecting each

But here’s the hitch: When you use them is key to your hair’s health. Zoe’s brilliant analogy: Picture, if you will, a hot frying pan, and what happens to it once you throw some oil in. The oil heats up quickly and fries whatever you throw into the mix. In
this case, your hair.

The Fix: According to Zoe, those nourishing oils are best applied AFTER you’ve done your heat styling – at which point they not only add another protective layer to your hair, but also add out-of-this-world shine.

You stay quiet --too quiet-- with your hairstylist

Ok, so you might not be the person who plops down in the chair and shares the details of your Aunt’s messy divorce; but remember that communication is the key to healthy hair.

The Fix: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” advises Zoe. “Educate yourself on what products are being used on your hair…ask for recommendations for at-home care solutions…find out how you can keep your scalp healthy as well.” Think of it like this: If you buy a car, you put in the right gas, have it waxed and polished, make sure it gets a tune-up on a regular basis. When you invest in valuable cut and/or color, your hair deserves the same TLC.