Hollywood’s Most Beloved Short Haircuts How To

Any hairstylist will tell you that healthy, shiny, radiant color is the secret to bringing a perfect haircut to life. And for JOICO Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah — who brilliantly recreates a blonde version of Kris Jenner’s iconic pixie crop in the video, below – his favorite K-PAK Color Therapy products are the answer.


K-PAK Color Therapy Color Protecting Shampoo
This color-preserving shampoo washes away dirt and debris while being gentle to color-treated hair. With its luscious lather, formulated with antioxidant-rich African Manketti and Argan oils, you’ll actually help extend the life of your shade’s vibrancy and fight future damage every time you wash.

K-PAK Color Therapy Color Protecting Conditioner
Our extra-conditioning formula, with African Manketti and Argan oils, helps shield your hue’s vibrancy, while hydrating overtime to strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Masque
Known as the “secret to lust-worthy locks,” this deep-repairing miracle hair treatment unlocks out-of-this-world color vibrancy and a dazzling, mirror-like shine that will have you touching your hair in amazement. Stocked with nourishing African Manketti and Argan oils, strands become 9X stronger and visibly healthier-looking.

Now add Richard’s secret styling weapon…
There’s nothing like the plush, airy, bombshell volume of Body Shake Texturizing Finishing Spray – the buildable product that’s never stiff or sticky. Delivering a bouncy, plush finish and the freedom to touch and retouch, you’ll get fullness and fluid movement in one unique texturizer.

Pro tip: Apply JOICO Body Shake Texturizing Finisher in tandem with a blowdryer – a dual move that helps achieve the sweeping movement that’s so key to this iconic cropped haircut.