Blonde Life Blonde Strong



Feeling fragile? Be blonde and fearless with NEW Blonde Strong Detangler, ultra-lightened hair’s new daily protector! This multitasking protector helps detangle those fragile strands while keeping them resilient and shielded from UV rays and heat-styling tools.

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Detangles and leaves fragile strands feeling hydrated

Helps prevent and mend split ends*

Strengthens hair, making it resistant to breakage**

Keeps blonde hair feeling soft and looking bright

72 hours of frizz-fighting humidity protection †

Protects from damaging UV and heat up to 450° F/ 232° C ††

Now Let’s Use It

Apply to clean, damp hair, focusing on tangled areas. Comb through and style as desired.

Let’s Look Inside

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Blonde Strong Detangler swoops in to strengthen** and protect strands, making them feel nourished so you can be your best blonde.


Vegan SmartRelease® Technology

Made with pea and vegetable proteins, mimics the protein found naturally in hair.

Polycare® Split Therapy

Naturally-derived***, protective polymers help to smooth porous hair, reduce breakage, and mend split ends*.

Monoi and Tamanu Oils

A rare, exotic blend of oils and Tahitian Gardenia Flower.

* Until next use
** Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. untreated hair
† vs. untreated hair, 85% relative humidity conditions
†† When using thermal styling tools
*** According to Global ISO 16128 Standard