Blonde Life

Demi Gloss

Luminous shine, bond-building, and endless toning possibilities? Meet the NEW Blonde Life Demi Gloss that checks all the must-haves on your list. These seven gloss-giving liquid toners are designed to boost shine, neutralize brassy blondes, and customize your Blonde Life masterpiece.

Blonde Life Demi Gloss shades are the most versatile tool in the entire Blonde Life system—allowing you to tone and customize pre-lightened hair with seven stunning shades you can mix and match to your clients needs.


One formula tones, glazes, & glosses. Helps refresh dull, brassy blondes

Leaves hair looking luminous and shiny

Intermixable shades for customizable results in one step

Ideal viscosity for drip-free bottle application

Ammonia-free formula


You want to craft luxe-looking, made-for-me shades

You want toned, pre-lightened hair

You want to refresh, glaze, or gloss blonde hair

You want to cancel out brassy undertones or unwanted warmth to deliver a gorgeous, natural-looking blonde tone

Your client wants to refresh dull, brassy blonde hair back to its original-looking brilliance and tone


10N / 10.0

8N / 8.0


10SB / 10.8

9SB / 9.8

10T / 10.88

9T / 9.88

10BV / 10.82

9BV / 9.82

10V / 10.2

9V / 9.2