JOICO Education Online Classes

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Our JOIful team of professional JOICO trainers and dream-team of Guest Artists are ready to deliver exciting, accessible learning from the comfort of your home with JOICO Education Online Classes. The easy-to-follow classes will cover everything from volume inspiration and grey coverage to corrective color sessions and even a pub quiz or two! Plus, there is loads more! (this can be deleted) Whether you’re a stylist, salon owner or simply searching for inspiration – everyone is welcome! With JOICO by your side, you’ll have everything you need to grow your salon business and expand your artistic horizon.
Please note that there is a limited number of spots available for the Zoom sessions so if you’re interested, sign up now!

*The online classes are provided via ZOOM webinars & Facebook /Instagram Live.

How to register for the Zoom classes?

It’s easy! Click on the webinar you want to attend, and you will be redirected to the registration page.
After a quick registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link to join the webinar. This webinar will start at the given date and time.
Tip: Add the webinar to your personal calendar.

A few tips & tricks before you join:

You can access the ZOOM webinars with your phone, tablet or laptop.

Download ZOOM (it’s free!) before your first webinar so you are ready to join in!

As an attendee, your video and mic are automatically switched off so that the hosts and panelists are not interrupted when they have their discussions. No need to worry about your clothes, make-up or hair when you join.

You are very welcome to ask questions via the Q&A function within ZOOM. Within various webinars, it’s possible to choose the ‘Raise Hand’ function. The host is then able to unmute your mic and you can ask your question directly and live to the host or panelists. You are of course in no way obliged to do so but are very welcome to participate in the conversation!

The webinars are hosted by members of the JOICO Europe Education team and members of the JOICO European (Color) Design Team. You are able to view them with video and sound.

The webinars are free of charge and you’re always able to leave the webinar at any given moment.

How to join the Facebook and Instagram live sessions?

Click on the “Join” button and you will be redirected to the @joicoeurope Instagram or Facebook page. Click on the like/follow button. When the live starts you will see this at the top of your feed.
You are welcome to ask questions during or after the live!

Balayage & BeyondSun. May 31, 2020
20:00 PM (CEST)This is a technique that so many clients ask for - and so many stylists want to master. We bring the balayage queen to you during this Facebook live: European Color Design Team Member Sevda Durukan! Her Balayage & Beyond training sessions are always fully booked and now, you will get a chance to see why. This live session will be crammed with usable tips, so follow @joicoeurope on Facebook and get your notebooks ready!Join
Short Graduation With Progressive LayersWed. Jun 3, 2020
20:30 PM (CEST)Are you always eager to learn more techniques and become a better stylist? Of course you are! European Design Team Member Ian Davies will be sharing a very cool short haircut during this Facebook live session. Get ready to enjoy the mesmerizing sound of scissors and all the good stuff that Ian has prepared for you!Join
Financial TalksMon. Jun 8, 2020
20:00 PM (CEST)Running a salon business demands a varied skill set. How does one master the creative and business-related element? Hearing experiences and ideas from other professionals can offer motivation and inspiration. Join this webinar in which European Color Design team members Denise Walsh and Katrina Kelly will share their advice and experiences. With Q&A. Hosted by Danielle Swartebroeckx & Leen Valvekens.Sign up
Smooth TransitionsTue. Jun 9, 2020
20:30 PM (CEST)We all know how important smooth transitions are to create that gorgeous, seamless result. That is why we bring color queen Katrina Kelly to you during this Instagram live session to get you up to speed with creating the smoothest transitions. Make sure to follow @joicoeurope on Instagram and get ready to learn loads!JOIN
Prescription ColoringMon. Jun 15, 2020
20:30 PM (CEST)European Color Design Team Member Denise Walsh could write a book about this: Prescription Coloring. Are you ready to improve your coloring skills? Make sure to watch this Instagram live session where Denise will share her best tips and tricks with you!JOIN