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Chrome Demi-Permanent Crème Color

Looking for the amazing vibrancy, condition, and creative control of Vero K-Pak Permanent Crème Color in a gentle, high-shine, ammonia-free formula that lasts between four to eight weeks? Look no further than Vero K-Pak Chrome! This dynamic does-it-all-demi instantly boosts brightness, refreshes faded hues like a dream, and naturally covers gray. Also, it fades gradually, making it the perfect choice for guys and gray blending.

Why You'll Love It...

♥ K-Pak technology repairs and protects hair

♥ Healthier-looking hair with every use

♥ Gentle, ammonia-free formula

Vero K-PAK Chrome Bottles and Box

How To Mix

Mix 1 part Vero K-Pak Chrome to 2 parts Vero K-Pak Chrome Activator Crème Developer.

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